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Programmer's Guide for ActiveSync - StockPor Application Assist in developing ActiveSync service providers.
Size: 656.72K
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ActiveSync Access IE developing ActiveSync Administration  
Application Center 2000 Application Exporter A handy script creator for rebuilding Application Center 2000 apps
Size: 47 KB
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builder antivirus Remove Application command line script  
Application Center 2000 - Application Exporter Generate command line scripts for recreating Application Center 2000 applications.
Size: 48K
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Application Virtualization Application Listing Tool You can use this tool to display a list of virtualized applications that are currently running.
Size: 125 KB
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Lister identifier virtual process lister  
Neuro-Programmer 2 A flexible but easy to use tool for achieving rapid, personal change.
Size: 42.36MB
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CNC programmer google goggles smart movie software  
Brain Programmer Train your brain with this tool
Size: 10 KB
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trainer brain memory trainer  

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ELENA Integrated Development Environment A very simple to use programming language.
Size: 1.5 MB
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programming language development application development  
TAS Professional 5 Powered by CAS TAS Professional 5 is designed to be a complete application development tool for DOS systems. It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development, as well as the s
Size: 4.20 MB
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podcatching application application development  
TAS Professional 7 Powered by CAS TAS Professional 7 is designed to be a complete application development tool for graphical operating systems. It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development,
Size: 39.3 MB
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podcatching application application development  
RCThermostat ActiveX This ActiveX lets a programmer control the RC-Series Thermostats
Size: 2000
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DAW programmer CNC programmer Programmer Server send status  
Mascot Parser An Application Programmer Interface for Mascot files.
Size: 64.7 MB
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programmer API parser Programmer Server  
Titanium: Atom Reader Object Model Titanium provides the application programmer with a Atom 1.0 Object Model.
Size: 609 KB
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Reader Object Model programmer atom SharePoint Object Model  

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NvnTest NvnTest is a handy and reliable application deisgned to enable programmmers to write actual C program, SQL queries, like in the actual working environment. This not only helps programmer to perform we...
Size: 1.91 MB
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Test employee programmer Programmer Server  
CardPro USB The CardPro USB progammer application was designed to be a fast and reliable programmer for most popular smartcards. If you want to use 3rd party software we recommend the CardPro Phoenix RS232 or the...
Size: 1.1 MB
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programmer detect detection Smartcard Programmer Server  
Programmer's IDE 2000 You will need your own Language Compilers, Editor, Assemblers and Linkers to use this application. Programmer's IDE 2000 can also be used for the development of embedded system applications. Just spec...
Size: 460.82K
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assembly language source create language libraries  
Programmers mate Programmer's mate is intended to help programmers withtedious repetitive chores like retyping text stringsseveral times or keeping track of their old sourcecodes and algorithms, programmer's mate feat...
Size: 164K
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programmer screen mate CNC programmer pumpkin desktop mate  
dfu-programmer dfu-programmer provides you with a command line application that comes in handy for programming Atmel chips. dfu-programmer supports the following Atmel versions: 8051, AVR, XMEGA & AVR32. Also, it co...
Size: 316 KB
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programmer Atmel microchip Atmel programmer chip programmer  
Programmer's IDE 2000 Programmer's IDE 2000 is an application that helps you manage your computer programming projects, by creating an integrated development environment for C/C++ and assemblies. You can run MS DOS based d...
Size: 471 KB
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application development IDE source code editor source code